Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Preliminary provisions.

2. Terms of use.

3. Terms of the newsletter.

4. Final provisions.

5. Privacy policy.


a) This Regulation lays down rules ALTEVIO operation of the database.

b) The Rules specify the rights and obligations of database users.

c) Legal Protection is subject min logo, name, design, database, graphic design.


a) you are before you start the registration process is required to read the rules.

b) Registration on the site means that you consent to the processing of personal data and to read the rules and that it undertakes to abide by its provisions.

c) You have the right to access, rectification, modification and of the processing of personal data.

d) Services Altevio available in the database are free or chargeable.

e) You are fully responsible for any misuse of your Account, in particular by using it to post ALTEVIO database content in violation of laws, rules of social intercourse and these Regulations.

f) By registering to the base ALTEVIO user has the ability to use the service:
- Base animals (pedigree)
- Base breeding
- Database services (groomer, handler, judge, trainer of animals, hotel, hostel, designer, vet)
- Base chips
- List of ads,
- Base sires.

g) Service Altevio is not responsible for the photo uploaded by users.

3. Terms and Conditions Newsletter

a) Use of the Services Newsletter is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations.

b) Service Newsletter aims to provide zmówionych information.

c) Services provided within the newsletter are free.

d) Contract Services Newsletter register via the website www.altevio.com, which is done by giving the user's own email address and approval in the checkbox.

e) Contract Newsletter is tantamount to consent to the adoption of additional commercial information. Commercial information you submit will cover commercial offers Administrator and others.

f) Ordered newsletter as an e-mail is sent to the user specified email address. Service Administrator is the sole administrator of the e-mail address will not disclose it to third parties and uses it only to provide the Service.

g) Agreement for the provision of electronic services is concluded upon activation of news services carried out by the User.

h) the Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

i) Either party may terminate the Agreement for the provision of news services without giving any reason and without delay.

j) Administrator solves the Agreement on the provision of news by deleting an e-mail user.


a) Any filing complaints concerning services provided by Altevio be notified by e-mail: contact@altevio.com. Notification of complaint should include evidence to settle the claim, including the specification of the circumstances underlying the complaint, time of occurrence of irregularities and, if possible, an indication of the URL, in which irregularities occurred.

b) Unless mandatory law provides otherwise, the law applicable to the whole agreement between the User and the Administrator, whose subject is the provision of services by the Administrator under the conditions specified in the Regulations, the Polish law.


a) Service automatically collects only the information contained in cookies.

b) files (cookies) are text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of users of the service. They are designed for use with the site's pages contain basic information necessary for the proper operation of the site.

c) The Service Provider uses the files (cookies) to:
- Matching web page content to individual user preferences
- Preparation of statistics that help understanding the preferences and behavior of users,
- Maintain a user logs on to the site each page.

d) Services uses two basic types of files (cookies) - session and block permanent. Session files are temporary, they are stored until they leave the service side (by the entrance to another page, logoff or shutdown the browser). Permanent files are stored in the user's terminal equipment until you delete them or by time resulting from their settings.

e) You may at any time change the settings of your web browser to block file support (cookies) or each obtain information about their placement on your device. Other options available, you can check the settings of your web browser. Keep in mind that most browsers are initially set to accept a write files (cookies) in the terminal equipment.

f) The operator of Service informs that changing settings on the user's web browser may restrict access to some functions of the web site.